Export Development Services

Facilitating Entry to A World of Opportunities ​


Buyer Idenitfication ​

Sourcing of potential buyers and export markets for local sellers

Buyer Verification ​

Conducting "Buyer vetting" to establish trustworthy partners

Seller Representation ​

Representing seller in negotiations and transactions

Government Liaison ​

Liaising between local and foreign government regulators and authorities

Market Development ​

Identifying emerging opportunities/segments and providing strategic recommendations

Market Research ​

Performing market research in to specify and board segments to identify trends

Sri Lanka

Wonder of Asia

Sri Lanka is one of the region’s most vibrant export hubs, due to its inherited natural and labour advantages in agriculture, manufacturing and service sector. The rest of the world has the opportunity to benefit from the country’s collective competitive advantage through sourcing from Sri Lanka. 

We provide a channel for SMEs seeking to enter the international market with the needed resources to develop the “Sri Lankan” brand globally as well as to provide unique opportunities to local organizations. 

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